Involve vs Evolve

Here is a question for you today… When you make a presentation do you Evolve your customer or at the minimum, involve them? My guess is if you are good at sales, you can easily involve someone into your presentation. Its the great ones that help to evolve a customer so they buying decision sticks and they are committed to the concept of purchasing your product or service.

So the question is how do you evolve a customer into your program? The key is to get them to see not only the initial benefit, its also the long term benefit they will be rewarded with over the lifetime of your product. You will know your customer has evolved when you ask this question, So how are you going to tell my competition you have decided to make the switch to my product?

See its in that one single question that you will know if you have evolved them, or just involved them in the sales process. One says, I understand why I am making the choice and I have all the benefits that are important to me and my company. The other answer which may sound something like… “don’t worry about that, I’ll take care of that when the times comes”, this answer tells me they were involved in the conversation, and may not understand the process.

Keeping your prospect evolving requires you to make sure you ask them to explain how they understood the information you have shared with them. Ask how they would “sell” the idea or ideas to the other members of their team. Listen carefully to the answers to these questions, it will give you a solid understanding of whether they were involved or are they evolving. So as you read this, you are saying, well that’s not hard to do at all, and you know what, you are absolutely right.

My mentor taught me, if it is easy to do, it is also easy not to do. That leaves the choice in your hands. What will you do the next time you are making a presentation, will you help to evolve your customer or will you listen and ask questions to make sure your customer is evolving.

There is a saying I like to use when I am training, its this: Don’t lets great facts ruin a good story! If you have the best Power Point presentation out there, I can assure you that the customer is not buying because of how slick your presentation is, the are buying because they understand how they can use the product or service you are providing.

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