Your wins?

What are some of the wins you are having in your life? Are you writing them down? Are people starting to ask you what you are doing different? Many times as you start your process of Destiny Driven Success, you find that you just stop doing the crap that was holding you back. When you do that, you are changing your patterns and when you change your patterns, you start to get folks mad at you!!! They are not sure why you are making this “rash” changes in your life, why you feel you need to change, what makes you so special that you can do things like that!!! So it’s critical that you keep your RAS (reticular activating system) tuned in and turned on so you can be aware of some of these subtle changes happening in your life. So write down some of the wins you are having, some you have had last week. I promise you when you start to take note of these “wins”.. you RAS will start to set up the situations that will cause more! Hugs from Dallas… Sean

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